VR hot behind, Li Gui rampage, Youku to do real VR

ring alled the first year of domestic VR industry development.
With Microsoft,
HUAWEI and other terminal hardware matures,
the threshold of hardware technology has broken through,
but VR to fly into the homes of ordinary people,
we must break through the two levels of software applications and VR content.
The evening of May 11th,
Youku Video giant held a wonderful night open up a fresh outlook,
blockbuster released the strategy in the field of VR,
formally enter the VR.
VR hot behind: Li Gui too much,
too much appetite,
VR is definitely in reality tuyere,
how red is it in the end? Including Microsoft,
SONY and other foreign giants have VR as one of the important strategies in the future,
in the domestic market,
including BAT,
the major video sites and A number of A-share listed companies have increased VR,
whether it is their own development or mergers and acquisitions investment.
In short,
if a technology company does not do VR,
it seems em

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