The recent national quality board notices a large collection of activities

ring t fun club time: 2016-05-14 11:00 - to - 2016-05-14 21:00 location: Jane X-Space coffee,
Haidian District Daliushu Road No.
17 Fuhai international port 2 (Jiaotong University Simon opposite) activity cost: 30 yuan / person (board game club fees,
preferential price) registration number: 40 people hot contact: Contact: Tel -15010302648; micro signal -malakir believe in Khan friends also get enough game conference last week? At least Im still flipping through my friends,
watching the public,
reviewing the games game through all the peoples eyes.
Returning to normal rhythm,
the clubs activities continue to be called on Saturday! High energy tips: 1.
club activities to strengthen the registration management system,
only accept the registration of friends to participate,
do not accept the scene airborne.
If you have invited friends,
please join the activities of WeChat group in advance,
apply for admission.
the activities of the night before 20:00,
do not accept werewolf killing game,
please s

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