Summary of investment and financing information in May 13th

ring  and financing events: 1,
smart phones,
car systems,
travel drops,
access to Apple Corp  billion strategic investment.
the global market for beauty video social applications show ChatGame,
received 4 million in financing,
the investor is not to publish the names of several angel investors.
the whole case industrial design consulting company Sheng Bang design,
won the Qianhai first run investment management company over ten million investment,
valued at billions of dollars.
based on car sharing,
picture sharing high-quality mobile social App get on the car,
get millions of angel round financing,
investors are not disclosed,
the funds are mainly for product development.
medical education institutions,
one medical exam,
won 9 million yuan A round of investment,
investors for the United States online,
sell 15% shares,
valued at 60 million yuan.
Wanda acquired a 17.
57% stake in Shanghai financial department,
has completed the delivery of recently.
Heading information retail a

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