Music requires employees to buy music as a mobile phone truth

ring trailer tomorrow night,
Saturday 17:30 to watch live Betta technology aesthetics to bring you a lot of new live to have a lot of spare gift! As the music conference held shortly before,
brought a number of new smart phones,
the appearance of the process,
hardware configuration and attractive prices have become music as the selling point of mobile phones.
Sina Technology and interface media today received LETV internal staff revealed that the company personnel in the internal mail received yesterday,
forcing the music as eco Marketing Center staff all the use of music as a super mobile phone 2,
and must purchase price of 2499 yuan LETV super 2 Max maximum configuration version of mobile phone.
If in May 20th did not purchase as required by the company music phone,
will require employees to contribute to the company,
the general manager of the above grade at least 2000 yuan donation,
director level 1000 yuan,
director of the following levels of contributions 500 yuan.
In other words,
donations and

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