Conference did not speak, MIUI8 more features exposure

ring 16,
millet released millet Max prices,
Xiaolong 650+3GB+32GB edition price of 1499 yuan,
Xiaolong 652+3GB+64GB edition price of 1699 yuan,
Xiaolong 652+4GB+128GB edition price of 1999 yuan.
This evening,
Lei Jun on micro-blog millet Max boast.
Lei Jun said,
Xiaolong 650/652 Qualcomm positioning high-end processor,
and many manufacturers are using this processor to do high-end mobile phones.
The price at present,
equipped Xiaolong 652 processor mobile phone price at 3100 yuan,
its own millet sold 1699 Max (snapdragon 652 Edition) is very good.
About millet Max pricing,
how do you feel? Another focus is MIUI 8,
because it will affect all the millet phone,
so it is more important.
At the conference,
millet has introduced many new features of MIUI 8,
such as applications,
double systems and so on.
But encounter conference time is limited,
MIUI 8 many bright spot function has not mentioned,
until today officially announced.
Millet said,
MIUI 8 is a force to do,
the product group for the entire MIUI

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