VR hot behind, Li Gui rampage, Youku to do real VR

ring alled the first year of domestic VR industry development.
With Microsoft,
HUAWEI and other terminal hardware matures,
the threshold of hardware technology has broken through,
but VR to fly into the homes of ordinary people,
we must break through the two levels of software applications and VR content.
The evening of May 11th,
Youku Video giant held a wonderful night open up a fresh outlook,
blockbuster released the strategy in the field of VR,
formally enter the VR.
VR hot behind: Li Gui too much,
too much appetite,
VR is definitely in reality tuyere,
how red is it in the end? Including Microsoft,
SONY and other foreign giants have VR as one of the important strategies in the future,
in the domestic market,
including BAT,
the major video sites and A number of A-share listed companies have increased VR,
whether it is their own development or mergers and acquisitions investment.
In short,
if a technology company does not do VR,
it seems em

Music requires employees to buy music as a mobile phone truth

ring trailer tomorrow night,
Saturday 17:30 to watch live Betta technology aesthetics to bring you a lot of new live to have a lot of spare gift! As the music conference held shortly before,
brought a number of new smart phones,
the appearance of the process,
hardware configuration and attractive prices have become music as the selling point of mobile phones.
Sina Technology and interface media today received LETV internal staff revealed that the company personnel in the internal mail received yesterday,
forcing the music as eco Marketing Center staff all the use of music as a super mobile phone 2,
and must purchase price of 2499 yuan LETV super 2 Max maximum configuration version of mobile phone.
If in May 20th did not purchase as required by the company music phone,
will require employees to contribute to the company,
the general manager of the above grade at least 2000 yuan donation,
director level 1000 yuan,
director of the following levels of contributions 500 yuan.
In other words,
donations and

Summary of investment and financing information in May 13th

ring  and financing events: 1,
smart phones,
car systems,
travel drops,
access to Apple Corp  billion strategic investment.
the global market for beauty video social applications show ChatGame,
received 4 million in financing,
the investor is not to publish the names of several angel investors.
the whole case industrial design consulting company Sheng Bang design,
won the Qianhai first run investment management company over ten million investment,
valued at billions of dollars.
based on car sharing,
picture sharing high-quality mobile social App get on the car,
get millions of angel round financing,
investors are not disclosed,
the funds are mainly for product development.
medical education institutions,
one medical exam,
won 9 million yuan A round of investment,
investors for the United States online,
sell 15% shares,
valued at 60 million yuan.
Wanda acquired a 17.
57% stake in Shanghai financial department,
has completed the delivery of recently.
Heading information retail a

Conference did not speak, MIUI8 more features exposure

ring 16,
millet released millet Max prices,
Xiaolong 650+3GB+32GB edition price of 1499 yuan,
Xiaolong 652+3GB+64GB edition price of 1699 yuan,
Xiaolong 652+4GB+128GB edition price of 1999 yuan.
This evening,
Lei Jun on micro-blog millet Max boast.
Lei Jun said,
Xiaolong 650/652 Qualcomm positioning high-end processor,
and many manufacturers are using this processor to do high-end mobile phones.
The price at present,
equipped Xiaolong 652 processor mobile phone price at 3100 yuan,
its own millet sold 1699 Max (snapdragon 652 Edition) is very good.
About millet Max pricing,
how do you feel? Another focus is MIUI 8,
because it will affect all the millet phone,
so it is more important.
At the conference,
millet has introduced many new features of MIUI 8,
such as applications,
double systems and so on.
But encounter conference time is limited,
MIUI 8 many bright spot function has not mentioned,
until today officially announced.
Millet said,
MIUI 8 is a force to do,
the product group for the entire MIUI

The 24 hour global news Cluster - 160513 games

ring rsion of RPG on the 2013 pioneer free hot pioneer adventure card game (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game) ported to the mobile platform,
this classic game has finally released the IOS version,
but it is very conscience free buddies youll like it.
The pioneers of adventure card game Paizo is published the pioneers RPG series of games one,
is based on a Dungeons & Dragons 3.
5 edition rules (known as 3R) and the production of fantasy roleplaying game,
the game allows up to four game player play warrior,
the adventure,
establish roles through the arrangement of the scene and area,
then the adventure team,
strength to defeat the enemy.
You can also upgrade your characters ability by purchasing magic cards and weapons cards,
and customize your equipment.
the pioneer adventure card game has not released the iPhone version,
you can spend 163 yuan in the game to unlock all content,
do not want to spend money,
you can also unlock gold coins in the game.
The writer infig

The recent national quality board notices a large collection of activities

ring t fun club time: 2016-05-14 11:00 - to - 2016-05-14 21:00 location: Jane X-Space coffee,
Haidian District Daliushu Road No.
17 Fuhai international port 2 (Jiaotong University Simon opposite) activity cost: 30 yuan / person (board game club fees,
preferential price) registration number: 40 people hot contact: Contact: Tel -15010302648; micro signal -malakir believe in Khan friends also get enough game conference last week? At least Im still flipping through my friends,
watching the public,
reviewing the games game through all the peoples eyes.
Returning to normal rhythm,
the clubs activities continue to be called on Saturday! High energy tips: 1.
club activities to strengthen the registration management system,
only accept the registration of friends to participate,
do not accept the scene airborne.
If you have invited friends,
please join the activities of WeChat group in advance,
apply for admission.
the activities of the night before 20:00,
do not accept werewolf killing game,
please s

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